11 Feb 2020 Admin


 There are so many who are doing perspectives, architecture and architectural communications in Chennai, India and world over. In that case for what, some one should choose DHRISHTICONE above others. What is that for which DHRISHTICONE Architectural Communications Private Limited? [DAC PL] should be approached for, why should the world choose DACPL. 

It is the ability to understand, translate and communicate the ideas and deep aspirations of clients, which shall be the point of differentiation. It is the quality par excellence, innovation and high realism for which the world will choose DAC PL. Every time top quality is delivered on TIME is what world will come to us.   

Where technology, money and human resources can be with every one. What can and what will make DAC PL ahead of others. What is that which must make DAC PL different and unique from others?

It is the quality and attitudes of every human being working in DAC PL using the top end technology and other resources, which will make us ahead of others. Top end quality without extending the time lines is what will make us different. Our freshness and newness in our thinking will make us unique.

In a specialized area of architectural communications what should be the niche market of DAC PL.

Elevation consultation, high-end renderings and highly realistic walkthroughs will be the niche of DAC PL. Boutique elevations will be our strength. Another area, which has not been ventured into, in which DAC PL will create its niche is training and imparting skills of architectural communications. Yet another area, which must be explored, is Architectural publications and architectural plug in services.

To do so and to continuously expand its business what type of professionals DAC PL will have to pool in.

DAC PL will need to have highly committed, hungry for growth, challenge accepting, mentally smart, highly responsible and highly time bound result-oriented professionals in the following areas:

AutoCAD modeling [civil and architectural background]

Architects with high artistic talents.

 Fine artists [BFA]. 3D artists with very high skills and interests in the 3dmax and Maya and other related rendering software. 

Post production, special effects and very effective system managers.

Technology, research and development heads.

Financial controllers and planers. 

Human resource, marketing and operation heads. 

What must make these professionals work as highly effective teams? What should inspire them? 

Power of complementing each other’s core strengths and working for common good will motivate these professionals to team up as highly effective teams.

 One + one can make eleven and will be for common good will be their incentive. A thought that it is only through team building and collective working which can fulfill all their personal, professional and material dreams, will inspire them to come together and work for common well being. Unlimited growth at DAC PL will be the source of inspiration.

What should be the common value systems every one in DAC PL must follow? 

Common value system of DAC PL will be as follows:

F:  Friendly with all related, at work place and with all clients.

R: Respect to all concerned irrespective of cast, color and creed. 

I:  Innovative and always inspiring  

E:  Ethical life style and Empathic to every ones feelings and emotions.

N:  Non-judgmental and Never say die attitude.

D:  Devoted to high quality of work.

L:   Loving nature towards all concerned.

Y:   You are as important as I, mean perfect teamwork.