11 Feb 2020 Admin

The friend

Friend descends for me to cross over,

Boat he makes with my bone and flesh,

Churns my Poisson with glance of his love,

To add a compass, naught to lose my path.

Path unveiled needed mast to cross over,

Cloth makes he by spinning my total ego,

Weaves it dense lest it should tear apart,

Fu churned from my breath and warmth of his love,

Adds purpose to mast for haripotter to cross over.

Mast is ready for the journey beyond,

But strings are weak as there is pain in the heart,

Pain of friend going out of the sight,

Journey may take haripotter into the world unknown,

Friend is known, a beauty, bliss and my hearts thrown, 

Cant cross over wait; I want to get soaked,

Into the warmth of my friends love.

Friend’s love is true to the core, as it had to be,

Shouted he, don’t call it love, it has chained you my dear,

My love is to help you free naught to make you remain in cocoon,

Hey chained you shall die nobody, the friend won’t let it happen,

I have cosmic instructions to follow, once I am your friend,

Go, go, go, strengthen your ropes and tighten your mast,

Waste not a moment; there is no time to cast,

Journey to cross over, must-begun right here and now.

Out of sight I will be only as bone and flesh,

Me the real will always be in you as your guidepost,

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, am I not in you,

With each breath I will be born in you,

And with each breath I will die for you,

I aught to do it, till you cross over haripotter.

Was this the reason you are sent to me,

Does my crossing over veil your cosmic dream.

Let my crossing over fulfill your purpose too,

After all  the friend must be the ONE who makes you complete.