Let Thoughts take your Permission to enter your Mind.

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Eknath: The

Three years ago, it was yet another dance
performance he was witnessing in Kalashetra along with some of his office
colleagues. Everyone had to remove his/her footwear before entering the high
sloped thatched roof auditorium sharp at 5.30pm. The whole setting was very
ethnic with natural stone flooring, cane seating, warm earthy colors on the
walls, natural sambrani smoke to control mosquitoes as it was open on the sides.
Birds could move freely in and out, and nature itself was part of the setting.

He was in his front seat almost in the center of
the row in order to have a complete view of the dance. Sharp at 6pm the
performance started. Eknath had heard that when a dancer is dancing, there comes
a stage where dancer merges with the dance. Dance, dancer and dancing become
one. In this Kathak dance performance, which lasted almost for 2 hours, he
experienced it without an iota of doubt. There was complete silence; ecstasy
and bliss as the dance unfolded with the dancer’s mudras, body movements,
facial and eye expressions, music and composition. It was all part of oneness.
Everything was in perfect integration and this dance deserved a complete
standing ovation, which it duly got.

From the viewpoint of management and human behavior
Eaknath always loved these classical dance and music performances. He loved the
perfect teamwork, mutual respect and sense of devotion with which the artists
approached each other and played their respective roles. It was way beyond
entertainment and worldly existence. After witnessing such performances he always
asked himself the following questions.

What makes each artist surrender to the
other in total trust?

What makes them perform without missing a

Can the performer allow even a single
thought to wander?

Eknath needed to master these skills to make each
day of his life a day full of such performances. His personal, professional,
social and spiritual life was not completely integrated. He knew he was missing
many beats .His wandering and stray thoughts were taking their toll. Something
deep within needed him to go beyond the most pertinent challenge:

let thoughts take permission to enter his mind.

‘‘I am always taken for granted no matter
what I do for my family and friends’’…

‘‘Why do others most of the time come to me
only when they are in need? I feel used many a time.’’

‘’ Will I ever get totally trustworthy and
responsible people to work with ’’… so on and so forth. The list is endless.

Don’t we hear such thoughts of negativity, doubt,
ridicule, malice and hatred repeatedly in automotive manner, the remote of
which does not seem to be in our own hands. It is as if someone else takes over
us and our thoughts, speech and actions are out of our own management.  Invariably all these thoughts take their toll
and get manifested the way they are thought.

Could there be a way out where Eknath could choose
what thoughts to allow and what thoughts not to allow entering his mind. He was
deeply aware of the fact that each thought entering his mind would sometime or
the other get manifested in the form of feelings, emotions, speech and actions
depending upon the quality and intent of thought.

Eknath could say without doubt that…

 ‘’ Each thought I think is nothing but a piece
of Lego with which I can build the edifice called my life, or 
rubles to form
my ruins’’

Each thought I release is nothing but an arrow which must reach its target to
climb the pedestal of glory or fall into the gutters of loss and disgust’’

thought I think is nothing but a chisel with which I can carve a towering divine
idol of Krishna or asuric statue of Kansa’’

Eknath deeply and honestly needed to be THE
BUILDER, THE ARCHER and THE MASTER CRAFTMAN of his life, the life, which could
be consummated the way it was intended to be. If only Eknath could know the thought
and intent behind his creation, reason for his living and his purpose.  He closed his eyes to relax his tiring eyes
and his mind; soft instrumental music on his Mac book air helped him to go back
to his yesteryears…

He heard many a time through the voice of his




Though it took a reasonable time, never the less Eknath
had become aware of the possibility that union between him and his creator was very
much possible in this very life itself and that too through living a life of a worldly

His undisciplined mind and his stray thoughts were
many a time his biggest enemies, where as he realised that his mind must ever
be his true friend.

To let thoughts take his permission to enter his
mind, he needed to reach the root cause of thought creation. They needed to be
checked and disciplined at the point of their rising. The quality and intent of
thoughts had to be chosen before they took roots in his mind. He had
experienced during 53 cycles around the sun many eclipses:  the days, weeks, and months full of havoc
because of undisciplined thoughts.

Again he could recall the husky and loud voice of
his master
. ‘’ You are what you think you are, your thoughts can make you or
break you’’
. He had heard this voice for the first time on
September 5th 1993 during an attitudinal seminar.
“Things are
nothing but manifestation of thoughts,”
his master roared, as he explained the manufacturing process of

“Through the combination of 5 senses you get
unlimited information, it gets processed with the help of mind and intellect,
depending upon the past impressions, conditionings and habits of mind, thoughts
arise within and through the 5 organs of action you act. “

His master had given a demonstration to bring his
point home, looking at the group of pretty ladies sitting in front rows.  

‘’Through the use of my senses, I look at these
pretty faces. My mind absorbs and in consultation with my intellect, some thoughts
will arise and then I act. Imagine that I am a really a bad person. Within me
anyone hearing these thoughts, my mind is saying what a great chance
to flirt with the lady, and then I may say, “Hey pretty, young lady, why don’t
you meet me in my hotel room after the class.”

“Now however difficult it may sound, just imagine
that I am a very pious and divine person. In that case within my mind I may be
saying, ‘what a divine face this lady has. She is mother to someone, and so
worthy of worship’, and I may fold my hands in reverence and say to her, ‘vanakkam,
I bow to the shakthi in you’.’’

In both the cases the lady was same but the final
act differed. One projected the divine and other the evil. It had lot to do
with the discipline of the 5 senses, quality and purity of intentions of mind
and intellect.  This simple example was
etched in the mind of Eknath like chisel marks on stone.

Need to discipline five senses, purification of
mind and intellect, is very much obvious but in spite of that Eknath wondered about
the reasons behind the failure to do so on a day today basis. Knowing was there,
but doing was in flip-flop mode. May be the reason to live with higher purpose
of Self, needed to be established more clearly. He remembered reading a
wonderful book’’ THE PATH’’ by Laurie Beth Jones and he created his own life
mission statement.

My mission statement is to live a life of integrity*, loving people around me,
giving my best to whatever I do, and creating abundance. To give the best of
education to financially challenged children disregarding cast, color and
creed’’ …Eknath

*Integrity: When thought, speech and actions are

With the awareness that he is nothing but an
expression of GOD, he needed to be truly conscious of GOD’S love in his heart
and experience the bliss infinite through the path he had made for his life to
be completely consummated.

 He strongly
felt the need to master the art of letting his thoughts take permission to
enter his mind. Need to sieve and sow each thought became eminent. The need for
the higher SELF to witness and keep a close watch over the never-ending play of
senses and mind was never felt so strong.

Verse 5 and 6 of chapter 6 of THE GITA came to his

man should uplift himself by his own self, so let him not weaken this self. For
this self is the friend of oneself, and this self is the enemy of oneself.”
Verse 5

self is the friend of the self, for him who has conquered himself by this self.
But to the unconquered self, this self is like an eternal foe.” Verse 6

had to be NOW or Never.

 Never NOW
was so obvious a choice for salvation of LIFE. Self has to be in perfect YOGA
with THE SELF 
whereas life is nothing but a series of conflicts between self
and THE SELF. The world may never know most of the times the wars between the
higher and the lower but every individual knows it however faint may be the
voice. Life is torn between these two.


Mission statement becomes a North pointer for one
to traverse the path of life.

indicates what needs to be spoken and done and what not.

importantly it indicates what needs to be thought and what not

With this awareness one knows what kind of thought
must be allowed into the mind and what ignored. The end must be clear before
the means could ever be thought of being chosen.

Be a master chef; know what to cook and be sure of
what ingredients to choose and in what quantity. Sweet, sour, bitter and spice
are good only in right place and in right quantity. Same is true for thoughts
we choose
in life…


One is always living in the mode of self-deception and
conflict as long as one’s thoughts, speech and actions are not one. One must
make a choice to live a life of integrity.

Think through me, speak through me and work through me, make me your instrument
my lord, make me your flute to play your song’’.
This prayer helps Eknath watch the thoughts entering his mind.  

With integrity, conflicts within and without are
resolved and one develops more focus and clearer intellect to make the right

Life on the whole starts making purposeful strides,
as thought energies are not dissipated but fully ignited with love as catalyst.
Love becomes the way of life.

prayers and contemplations start becoming more effective.

and Constructiveness become expressions of life as peace becomes the substrata
of mind.

One lives with awareness, fully alive to all the
challenges of life never running away from them but facing them head on with
unshaken faith that GOD DOES NOT PLAY DICE. He lives his life with thoughts of
peace, courage, health, hope and prayers.

His KRISHNA in his heart, Eknath becomes ready to
do the ras lila dance of his life the way THAT kathak dancer did on that
memorable evening…

She had lost her GURU who was her father too, two days
before Eknath saw that performance…a performance, which got her a standing