11 Feb 2020 Admin

Honesty does pay

Today I am truly proud of police of Tamil Nadu. I had lost cash from my office, after personal interrogation in my office I suspected my old employee and then I approached Adyar Police Station. There I met sub inspector, she along with her head constable came to my office and did their interrogations.  They came few more times and then there was a long pause from them. They again came few days back saying that they have traced the person. I knew that to trace cash is very difficult and unless I bribe, getting cash back is big impossible.

I am an honest citizen and I also expect my police to be honest. I told police inspector and head constable who were put on to the job, that the money stolen was for charity and thus it was GODS money and it is their responsibility to recover that money. It was very clearly indicated that being an honest and responsible citizen I would not be part of giving any bribe. If I don’t get money it is ok but to corrupt any one is not ok. They were told that they must get me GOD'S money and I threw down a challenge on young police officers and today they came and gave me most of the cash saying that they are going to recover as much as possible. 

I am emotionally choked with joy that we do have honest police officers. Least I can do for them is to pray for them and for their families. God bless them with all its LOVE, STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, JOY and lot of SUCCESS.

I wish they all grow and succeed to the highest posts in their police departments. Today I am really proud to be INDIAN and will say JAI HIND….