11 Feb 2020 Admin


Had given heart and soul to all what I did

Wellbeing of others were ever my way indeed

Grandness in life build as reflection of my being

Being was in ecstasy as work was so fulfilling…

Life can change in a moment I had heard

Heard the thud as my world collapsed 

In life comes time when all is felt lost

Middle of black hole whirlpool bearings lost…

Somewhere within me knew I deep indeed

My eternal father plays not dice with me

 Ever loved to be with HIM and HE with me

Was ever ready to be churned if needed to be…

Chained within high walls of this world

This is the way you must trespass and come

As me and you are just reflection of each

I am eternally free and so you must be

You are right my child I play not the dice

Karmic unfolding none can escape however virtuous 

In eternal silence you shall find my thoughts

Consummating them in your heart let my music play …

Let my eternal silence think through you

Let my eternal light spread through you

Let my eternal love live through you

Let you be my physical vehicle here and now… 

Life certainly can change in a moment

As the moment becomes eternal 

Collapsed world is just a cosmic crossing

I had to be shown HIS WAY…