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Mission statement of DHRISHTICONE is to INOVATE, ORGANIZE and UTILIZE effectively its creative environment to serve HAPPILY the world of ART, ARCHITECTURE and all its stakeholders………


At DHRISHTICONE we always want to ask very fundamental questions. Why was I born as a human being, what is the purpose of my human life? Am I going to live an ordinary life and die as a statistical number or can I have the power to live life fully, life of integrity, joy, bliss, happiness, success, abundance and most important a fulfilling life and a life of SIGNIFICANCE. We at DHRISHTICONE shall ask you to ask yourself the following questions. 

  1. 1. What is my CORE COMPETENCY?

  2. 2. What is that which I can do BEST? 

  3. 3 What is that, through which I can touch my excellence?

  4. 4. Can I develop all the power needed to leave behind a legacy? 

  5. 5. Can I make this world a better place to live in? 


DHRISHTICONE being an arena where creativity, innovation, clear thinking, passion and visualization will be the keys with which we will play our game called our work. All that will be possible only and only if each and every one of us will have HEALTH as our primary goal. Because we at DHRISHTICONE must know the following, the most powerful statement   ‘’ HEALTY BODY SOPPORTS HEALTHY MIND AND VICE VERSA’’.That being so, we must maintain a very healthy body at any time. We can use ‘’FAT’’ as the reference to do so.

  1. 1. FOOD…to develop a healthy body we must take well balanced diet.

  2. 2. AIR…we must have enough fresh air, means early morning brisk walking, 
  3. jogging and exercising must be the way of our lives.

  4. 3. THOUGHT…we must nurture and breathe positive thoughts. we must remember that our very thoughts have the power to HEAL us or STEAL us of sound HEALTH.  


At DHRISHTICONE, excellence shall always be a way of life. Mediocre thoughts, actions and work will not be our language. Good work shall not be source of our satisfaction, only WOW kind is acceptable and encouraged. We must understand, here onwards that we are going to play in a GLOBAL arena and for that we must be a GLOBAL player of world-class quality. We must be the worlds BEST and nothing less than that will be enough. We must challenge ourselves all the times and constantly raise our BENCHMARKS. We must go beyond all our limitations and surprise our own selves. At DHRISHTICONE our today must always be yesterday plus, plus, plus and plus. 

Effectiveness, Self- improvement and innovation will be our three-pronged major tool with which we will paint our each and every work on the way to the world of EXCELLENCE. We must be aware that each one of us is the most excellent and unique creation of GOD and thus excellence and uniqueness must be coded into our genes. Thus the one and only one way we must live our lives is to excel and operate from the platform of our uniqueness. 

Once this becomes the way of our lives at DHRISHTICONE then each and every work produced will be of excellent quality and of world class. Then each one of you can call yourself a world player and continue winning grand slams of your life. 

A word of caution, in these grand slams of your life; your only opponent will be your own self. You must win over that self of yours which is not true to your own TRUE INNER SELF. Your negative values, tendencies, attitudes and negative habits must be won over. Each one of us must give the following autosuggestion constantly to ourselves.

  ’’ Let me be the FORCE behind myself to succeed and I will be the ULTIMATE REWARD for my own self.’’


At DHRISHTICONE we believe that every human being’s financial goal must be to lead a grand life, a life that is fulfilling and overflowing with abundance. That is possible once each and every person working in DHRISHTICONE is highly effective, result oriented, success minded, highly skilled and always innovative. To live such a grand life, which every one is capable off; one has to bring a revolution in one’s work culture. Old working habits must be replaced by new and productive ones. Every one working in DHRISHTICONE must make the following principles as their own principles.



  3. 3. RESPECT



  6. 6. LOVE.

Every one in DHRISHTICONE must have reference copy of “new revolution of India”

  This revolution alone can give every member of DHRISHTICONE the power to lead a grand life not only for them selves and their families but it will also give them a chance to play a constructive role in making a difference in the society they live. 

Every effort must be taken to effectively and innovatively use each and every resource of DHRISHTICONE. Higher profits must be aimed by providing world-class quality services, by reducing input costs and by being very energy efficient. We must understand that we have to be highly competitive but at the same time provide the very best of services.


At DHRISHTICONE we must ask ourselves a very fundamental question. Can this world, I live in, be a little better because of me? Can I make this world a little happy, joyful, peaceful and successful through my efforts and contributions? 

At DHRISHTICONE we must realize that each one of us has a tremendous amount of power- power not only to create abundance for us and for all those whom we love and care for but also to pass on to those who are in need and little unfortunate.

At DHRISHTICONE we must pledge to educate at least one child, who otherwise could have not been able to pursue education. At DHRISHTICONE contribution should be our life style. Every day should be a day of contribution and every night must be a night of thanks giving, that I could live a day of contribution. 

At DHRISHTICONE I must use all opportunities to build my life and consummate my existence to make this world a better place to live. 

DHRISHTICONE as a socially committed company will have social policy and avenues where each and every member of it will have opportunities to play roles to build a loving and better society. Each and every act in the name of social work must be prompted out of love but never out of our selfish interests. Hence we will give it a name of Drishticone Snehanjali.