11 Feb 2020 Admin


Being in The Reality

My dear otherself…

Hope my note will find you in great spirits. My master use to say that whenever someone asks you, how are you, you must always just say ’’ I am on top of the world’’, however superfluous it may sound at time but still say it, till it becomes your nature. It did take reasonable number of cycles around the sun before I could truly get the essence of the statement. It gave a subtle substratum to live in freedom.

Freedom is something, which every one would love to live in, if possible forever. I have a gut feeling that it is very much a possibility as it is inherent nature of the self. 

‘’ Freedom is nothing but your ability to say no to what you badly what to do.’’ Swamy Chimayanandha 

Invariably when ever we need to think, speak or act our past impressions through experiences and conditionings come into play. With the so-called knowledge gained through my past experiences I live my present through my thoughts, speech and actions. They worked in the past, does it mean they shall work in the NOW too. Most of the times most of us could be living our NOW with the pre conceived notions and impressions of the past. Knowledge gained through experiences good or bad may not cause the similar outcome as they did in the past as the context, place, time and experiencers are different. How can I be living in freedom if I tend to live with old, stale and conditioned state of self?