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(When there is love,
self is not there)


wonder if there is any person who does not like to be appreciated, respected
and loved, truly and honestly. These are very basic and fundamental needs of
every human being to lead a happy, satisfying and fulfilling life, though most
of us are struggling in this arena of being truly loved and to love truly
forever. I know deep within me that love alone is the only way of fulfilling life.’’    Ashique

needed to look deeply and objectively inside himself to firmly establish his
belief that life is all about love, and without love there is no life. Love
alone could ever be the answer for all things beautiful within and around. Love
could never be a state of hallucinations but the truth of life and for that one
must learn to love selflessly.

What is the happiness quotient of our

What is the excellence quotient of our
professional success?

What is the responsibility quotient of our
social and environmental obligations?

What is love, why love, how to love, is
that the only way of living truthfully.

quotient and functional families:

happiness is a very subjective emotion and we do understand that happiness
truly comes from within, yet as a family one needs to live in harmony with each
and every member of it. It is important to question the happiness quotient of a
family as it makes it a properly functional or dysfunctional one.

knew heart to heart that his family is still not completely functional though
they all seem to live in a united and as so called happy family. He is
completely aware of the masks being worn and silent current of mistrust ever
active between some family members.  The
need for one up man ship is deep rooted. 

knew that he could never ever have any control over other’s behaviors, emotions
and transformation. He decided to question his own standings with members of
his family in order to make them truly functional.

of the past hold a man and many a times cripple him emotionally and does not
allow the person to relate in a positive manner. Relationships remain for namesake
alone, and sap the person of vital energy required to lead a meaningful
life.  For the families to be truly
functional what is needed most among each and every family member is trust and
faith in each other. 

that happens, the need to live with masks and pretentions disappears, and thus creates
healthy spaces between hearts to live in joy, happiness, peace and most
important love.  An iota of resentment
and hatred even with one person in ones life can make all other relationships
dysfunctional.  At one time Ashique
became aware that he was messing up the most intimate and important relationship
with his spouse and children, by being critical of her family. Things had gone
out of control, he had allowed his spouse and her family to be ridiculed and he
himself in utmost insanity had been verbally and emotionally irresponsible in
his attitude towards her and her family.  With that insight, he corrected himself and
included her family in his loving regard. 

Devout son and
brother I could be

Give all what I was
asked unquestioned

Sacrifice as an act came

Natural I thought my
love was 

Why was I so self

Even cry for love was
heard not

Heard not was the
need to hold her hand

Till my master made
me aware.  

Accept, Adjust and

These three aces in
my hand

Ever I shall win the
game of relating

Relating in joy,
bliss, peace and love 

Peace unbound shall
be the way out of love

Love unconditionally
my child my master said

He asked me to spell
living as loving

With sweep of love I
built my family again. 

love in his heart he could truthfully accept, adjust and appreciate his family.
Love alone becomes the only reason for any meaningful family relationship. LOVE
can never exist when there is ego, arrogance and self-pride. 

Without love could I
ever be a trusting father

Though I could father
a child or two

Spouse how can I
faithfully ever be sans love

Though in the name of
God I could tie a tie

Brother, sister and
son I can never be

With love I shall
ever live, without it I shall perish 

love and love alone one can live and truly build a functional family. Ashique
honestly leads and lives his life this way. He does not allow others internal
relationships dynamics to come between his own relating with his family
members. He has learned to cherish and nurture every relationship with
unconditional love at last. It is his trusting nature and love for his children
that they are given freedom to pursue and lead the life the way they feel is

Lead your life the way you wish is right and always remember that I as your
parent will always stand by you. I will never let you down’’ with love Ashique
could add a sense of friendship with his children, spouse and other family

quotient of our professional success:

one of us here has only two options when it comes to work, one is to love
whatever we are doing and the other is to do whatever we love to do. Ashique
always considers himself blessed as his childhood hobby of art and painting is
his work and he loves it deeply. Sketching, coloring and seeing his creative
thoughts getting manifested into visuals and finally into a built form are
nothing but a lovely play which he enjoys. His work is no more a work but a
play; as the substratum for his work is always love. 

did take some time and real hard work to really find his inner calling for the
work but at last the way life was unfolding itself was great proof that some
super intelligence was ever guiding him since his childhood with love and
compassion. Every thing fell absolutely in the right place and at the right
time for his professional work.  In 1992
he came across a few lines, which later became his work philosophy and reason
for him to gauge if he is honest towards his work.

What is it to work with love?

It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn
form your heart,

Even as if your beloved were to wear that

It is to build a house with affection,

Even as if your beloved were to dwell in
that house.

It is to sow seeds with tenderness and reap
the harvest with joy,

Even as if your beloved were to eat the

It is to change all the things you fashion
with a breath of your spirit,

And to know that all the blessed dead are
standing about you and watching.

Work is Love made visible.

And if you cannot work with love but only
with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate
of the temple and take alms of those who work with 

The Excellence
quotient of our professional success has all to do with our love for not only
our work and our clients but also all the stakeholders in our work place right
across different hierarchies. Does it mean that we shall not experience and
come across negative attitudes and relationships within and outside our work
place? Wherever people are going to interact there are bound to be differences
and different attitudes, but love can always show the right way.  

ever Ashique could not resolve the conflicts and differences within and outside
his professional spaces he developed the art of letting go but always without
any malice within his heart. He might not interact and relate with most of them
but he always kept them in his prayers. 
He has learned the art of loving all those who have hurt him the most
personally or professionally. 

one needs to keep on touching his excellence in his professional arena, one
cannot afford to sit on his workstations with unproductive thoughts of
conflicts, differences and hatred towards any one. Love must be the only way.
Without love there can never be any meaningful and productive professional

-Win comes only with love and love alone.

quotient of our social and environmental obligations:

this world be a better place to live in because I am here’’ these words from
his master had a deep impression on Ashique.

As a
man of responsibilities one must always strive to go beyond the four walls of
his home and circle of personal and professional relationships to truly reach
and touch lives, nature and mother earth. Each one of us must find our own
avenues in tune with our own temperaments and play our constructive role
through contribution and giving.

‘When right hand
gives, let left hand know not

That is the way it
must ever be’, said Jesus 

Saint I am not I may
say and walk my worldly path

Giving flows through
me but with strings attached

Shouldn’t my legacy
be marked on the foundation stones

All that is done is
in loving memory of my elders. 

action I do, shall be propelled by either of two thoughts, either out of
selfish motive or motive of pure love. Being known, being appreciated and being
applauded through my contributions is always rooted in my selfish motive. As
long it is so the giving can never be a true giving. Social and environmental responsibilities
are possible only through the loving heart and thus true giving makes a man
more humble and Ashique gets inspired and guided every time he reads these

There are those who give little of much,
which they have

And they give it for recognition and their
hidden desire makes their gift unwholesome

And there are those who have little and give
it all.

These are the believers in life and bounty
of life, and their coffer is never empty.

There are those who give with joy, and joy
is their reward.

And there are those who give with pain, and
that pain is their baptism.

And there are those who give and know not
the pain in giving, nor do they seek joy, nor mindfulness or virtue;

give but little when you give of your possessions.

It is
when you give of yourself that you truly give.     Khalil Gibran

‘’One can love without giving but one cannot give without
love. ‘’

Swamy chimayanandha 

Love, what, why and how: 

Love is always all-inclusive and a state of union with everything
and everyone around.

Love is always unconditional; loving has nothing to do with
the lovability of the object of love.

Love knows only the language of freedom; in freedom it
flourishes and let others bloom too.

Love is the very essence of creation and the source of iT. 

around in awe and see unbound nature, every thing around is known by what it gives;
rather giving is no act of the thing but its nature itself. Nature of rose is
to give fragrance and that of trees is for fruits, flowers and shade.  

 Ashique is ever aware of his thoughts and
watches them as they go astray and bring them back to the infinite heart of
LOVE. Invariably he finds his breaths soaked in love, which gets expressed through
intense prayers and healings.

by one through his prayers he showers his love over his spouse, children,
parents, in laws, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, foes,
schools mates, teachers, clients, colleagues, his street, city, state, country,
neighboring countries, the world at large and beyond.

Satsang with LOVE is so life fulfilling and transforming. Centered in LOVE
Ashique is ONE SELF within and without.